Ten Commandments
of Karaoke

I will deny singing privileges to anyone who breaks the following rules:

Commandment #1     THOU SHALT NOT join in with a singer unless you are invited.

Commandment #2     THOU SHALT NOT get too loaded if you are planning to perform. The equipment used for Karaoke is expensive,  and if you were to cause an accident resulting in damage, you may be held accountable.

Commandment #3     THOU SHALT NOT whine about when your next turn is.  You will sing no less than everyone else.

Commandment #4     THOU SHALT NOT be upset if another patron sings a song you were planning to sing. There are plenty of songs to choose from, and you can always do it another night.   If there are any duplicate songs coming up,  I might ask you if you want to change your selection, or sing it right after the other, as a sort of challenge.

Commandment #5     THOU SHALT NOT use foul language when at the microphone.

Commandment #6     THOU SHALT NOT swing the microphone.  Please have respect for our equipment.  That mike cord will only go so far you know.  And remember not to put microphones in front of speakers or hold microphone by top pickup area or you'll be the mayor of Feedback City.

Commandment #7     THOU SHALT NOT  sing louder than the singer.

Commandment #8     THOU SHALT NOT jeer, heckle, boo, harass, or otherwise interrupt a singer.

Commandment #9     THOU SHALT NOT carry on a loud conversation next to the stage. With limited space, you will find the stage is sometimes close to some tables. If the sound is not right,  it is hard to follow the song cues and such when you have people talking loudly next to you.

Commandment #10     THOU SHALT APPLAUD!! Come on now, anyone who gets up there deserves some attention, don't you think?
                                     And besides, we're all here to have fun!!